Credit Card Usage in Moscow safe or not ?

Is it secure to use credits in Russia?

yes, its  ‘risk-free’. but its little bit much less secure compared to in the United States or in Western Europe, yet more secure compared to, claim, in Thailand (needed to re-issue my card after my journey there). I’m utilizing my card constantly, not a problem thus far. To lessen the feasible threat, ensure you have a chip card.

If you planned or planning to visit Russia Moscow or anywhere outside of the Europe, then take Advises from travel advisors, about their country securities from their countries about the credit cards and credit card usage and security rules.Russsian cyber crimes are going high on these days according to the word cybercrime news.

take care your self when doing withdrawal money from ATM machines, doing payment at the shop or doing any purchases.  and also there so many credit card companies all over the world they provide instructions.

there so many credit card company in the world but consider many factors before applying for the credit card first read  credit card reviews online and then select best credit card for you. (ex here are few benefits of Bon-Ton Credit Card and its security level which are already researched and wrote about their credit card by some web admins) 

each credit card company provide their own security level and explain to the customer that how to use the credit card in Safeway. ex: Two-factor authentication biometric authentication and fingerprint.

if you are still afraid to use a credit card for the online purchase and at the shop outside of the Europe countries then the prepaid credit card is the best option for you.  

Most of ATM does not operate in English their default languages is the Russian language.  if you can carry cash with you that is the best option to spend money on Russia.

Also, there are Citibank Branches everywhere always try to find out the bank or use only authorized ATM. IF you are going to withdraw money from unknown ATM then be careful, first identify the bank who provide the ATM facility before insert your credit card to the ATM. you can simply read bank reviews online as well.

ATMs of any of these banks work very well for a credit card as well as debit cards, some of them have at least English and Russian languages. but Remember  ATMs Withdrawal limit has 10,000 – 25,000 rubles per “session” (its depend on season ex: Christmas season that amount will be high than normal days),

all ATMs  do Euros (but make sure , why do you get Euro in Russia ?  you cant pay using Euro at any shops in Russia ). Of course, if you want or need more, you can just use the machine again!

one tip – when getting rubles, keep in mind that smaller places will have a problem changing larger bills, ex 5,000 ruble notes. So, get an amount like 5,900 so you will get a mix of  500 and 100 ruble notes (if the machine allows this)

 Russia has Created their own credit card system too